Executive Director's Message

IHM Shri Shakti

Ms. Satya Pinjala

Ms. Satya Pinjala Executive Director

A Profession in Hospitality industry means tremendous opportunities and fast growth. Gone are the days when only Hotels employed the professionals trained from Hotel Management Colleges.

Today a wide spectrum of industry is in dire need of well trained Hospitality professionals.

Be it Cruise Liners, MNC's, Events Management, Railways, Malls, etc all are keenly interested in absorbing the trained manpower from the Hotel management Colleges.

We All Have Ability. The Difference is How We Use it.

Opportunities are also abundant for those who wish to start up their own food and service business.

Therefore, in this ever growing world of opportunities a profession in Hospitality holds its own position, irrespective of the changing economic environment of the world.

With Best wishes.