Director's Message

IHM Shri Shakti

Ms. Yamuna Ranga Rao

Ms. Yamuna Ranga RaoDirector

Formally established in the year 1993, IHM-Shri Shakti has become one of the leading colleges in the country offering Hotel management Courses. The mission of IHM Shri Shakti is to become a destination for hospitality studies keeping the characteristics of Indian Culture & Tradition. The courses are signed and delivered with a focus on demands and challenges of the hospitality and allied industries. The Institute aims to provide international and multi-cultural character by providing the necessary environment and also allowing the faculty and students to interact and exchange views.

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

The faculty who are selected with lot of care are dedicated and helps in the academic progress of the students while updating their professional and personal development. The students are encouraged to undertake challenges and we are committed to helping them to prepare their future and to succeed in their endeavours. Change and challenge are common in any field and one should be prepared to seize the opportunity as they arise. As in so many areas of life sound planning and preparation are the keys to success. One has to be ready to meet the challenges. The professional development programmes and courses offered by the college prepare the students to capitalize their potential to the fullest extent. We will remain committed to the development of higher calibre professionals for the hospitality industry.